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Welcome to HockeyShot, the #1 source in hockey training & skill building products.  We pride ourselves in offering the best and largest selection of hockey training products in the industry! We are always looking to help players, coaches, hockey schools and associations in achieving all their goals. GET INTO HOCKEY TRAINING!

Testimonials by the pros

Alexis Lafrenière
I’ve got big hockey aspirations and to help me reach my dream I’m trusting HockeyShot.
Alexis Lafrenière
2018 CHL Rookie of the Year, 2020 NHL Top Prospect
John Tavares background
John Tavares player photo
I'm always looking for an edge to my game. HockeyShot products are great to help keep my puck handling & shooting sharp during the summer. All of their products help me to prepare better for the next season.
John tavares
Toronto Maple Leafs, 5x NHL All-Star
Patrice Bergeron background picture
Patrice Bergeron player photo
Whether it’s summer training or playing with the kids in the basement, HockeyShot brings the element of FUN into hockey training.
Patrice Bergeron
Boston Bruins, Stanley Cup Winner, 2x Olympic Gold Medallist, 4x Frank J. Selke Award Winner
Pavel Barber background
Pavel Barber head shot
Working with HockeyShot has been great. I am always very cautious when I align myself with a certain brand. I see them as a progressive brand who care about the advancement of the game. I am beyond excited in partnering with them and can't wait to see what we can do for the game of hockey in the future.
Pavel Barber
Stickhandling Specialist
Alexander Barkov background picture
Aleksander Barkov player picture

I wanted more than just a hard surface for my training facility, which is why I chose HockeyShot’s Allstar Tiles. It allows my players to rip around wearing sneakers while being able to stickhandle the puck with ease. The puzzle piece tiles have had no issue withstanding the force of hard slapshots either!

Aleksander Barkov
Florida Panthers / 2018 All-Star Team
Amanda Kessel background
Amanda Kessel headshot
The variety of products that HockeyShot provides is outstanding. These tools are something I use daily, on and off the ice, to take my game to the next level.
Amanda Kessel
USA National Women’s Team, 2018 Olympic Gold Medallist
Jeremy Rupke background
Jeremy Rupke headshot
HockeyShot truly is the leader for innovative ice hockey training products. They continue to push the envelope, achieving success in creating off & on ice tools that any hockey player (young or old) would be happy to own. If you want to improve your game, HockeyShot is the only way to go!
Jeremy Rupke
How To Hockey
Jonathan Marchessault background
Jonathan Marchessault headshot
The ice that never melts… even under the 100 degree desert sun!
Jonathan Marchessault
Vegas Golden Knights, 2018 Stanley Cup Finalist
Martin St-Louis background
Martin St-Louis player photo
HockeyShot products help us work on the things we need to improve on. Nothing better than owning your skills on your own schedule.
Martin St-Louis
2018 Hockey Hall of Fame, Stanley Cup Winner, 6x NHL All-Star

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