HS Extreme Shooter Tutor

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Learn to light the lamp from all angles with HockeyShot’s Extreme Shooter Tutor, an easy-to-affix goal covering with eleven strategically placed holes for the most common scoring areas. Wrister or slapper, you’ll become more valuable to your team!

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HockeyShot’s Shooter Tutor is a heavy duty nylon tarp you can fit over the mouth of a net with eleven target holes to aim for. Use it regularly and you’ll become a scoring threat and a rebounding specialist from anywhere on the ice!

  • Tough, high-quality nylon tarp designed to withstand your hardest shots.
  • Easy to hang on any 6’ x 4’ regulation size goals.
  • The unique bungee/steel wire attachment is designed for easy installation.
  • Provides good puck rebound to the shooter.
  • Built to keep goal posts fully exposed.
  • Work on all shots & improve your accuracy – score more goals!
  • Patent-pending design.



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Testimonials By The Pros

John Tavares background picture
John Tavares player picture

I'm always looking for an edge to my game. HockeyShot products, like the HS Extreme Shooter Tutor, are great to help keep my puck handling & shooting sharp during the summer. All of their products help me to prepare better for the next season.

John Tavares
Professional Hockey Player
Natalie Spooner background picture
Natalie Spooner player picture

For my academy, HockeyShot donated their Extreme Hockey Radar & Shooter Tutor. The goal in using these products was to improve the kid’s shooting power & accuracy. Training with these items allowed for immediate feedback; it’s always fun to see the speed of the shot light up! Because we were short a goalie, the Extreme Shooter Tutor allowed the kids to have pockets to shoot at, rather than an empty net.

Natalie Spooner
Canadian Olympic Team