Sauce Catcher

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The Puck Catcher is a rugged gathering, storage and carrying solution for hockey pucks. Easily holds over 40 pucks, has a strong adjustable carrying strap has a unique flip-down ramp for quick loading.

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Spring loaded and collapsible for easy transportation, the HockeyShot Sauce Catcher is all you need to practice accurate passing or shooting. Whether you decide to place the Sauce Catcher on the lawn, in your driveway, at the beach or in a tree is totally up to you! Don’t be afraid to dent or mark your Sauce Catcher and leave some nice battle scars for your friends to see!

  • Easily holds up to 40 pucks
  • Made from the same strong materials as a professional hockey net
  • Has a strong, adjustable carrying strap with a unique flip-down ramp
  • Removable steel studs on the rear feet for traction
  • Can be used in accuracy drills, including sauce challenges



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