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HS Extreme Shooting Tarp


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HS Extreme Shooting Tarp
HS Extreme Shooting Tarp HS Extreme Shooting Tarp with pucks Shooting Tarp rolled up on garage HS Extreme Shooting Tarp Shooting Tarp installation HS Extreme Shooting Tarp HS Extreme Shooting Tarp

HS Extreme Shooting Tarp

(150) Read Reviews



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Availability: In stock

HockeyShot’s Extreme Shooting Tarp is a great ice hockey tool for home use. It’s big enough to cover large areas, and lets you practice your shot without damaging windows, garage doors and walls. It’s easy to install, very durable and great for anyone looking to improve their shot.

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If you want the glory of a goal-scorer you have to practice your shot. HockeyShot’s Extreme Hockey Shooting Tarp lets you do that without the fear of damaging a wall or breaking a window. You can set it up inside or outside in any weather and get to work. Check out the Crowd Goes Wild Shooting Tarp for an even better looking tarp!

  • Easy to put up and take down.
  • Great for both indoor and outdoor use. Install in basement or over your garage door.
  • Heavy duty, 18 oz. reinforced Vinyl designed to withstand repeated impact.
  • Absorbs pucks so you spend less time chasing them.
  • Scoring holes reinforced with nylon edging for added strength.
  • You can practice with regulation size/weight pucks.
  • Rolls up and out of the way by one person when not in use.
  • Available in 2 sizes: 7' x 16' or 8' x 16'.
  • 7 grey target holes to shoot at, and one convenient pouch to retrieve them behind the tarp.

Testimonials by the Pros

  • "I'm always looking for an edge to my game. HockeyShot products, like the Extreme Shooting Tarp, are great to help keep my puck handling & shooting sharp during the summer. All of their products help me to prepare better for the next season.”

    -John Tavares, Professional Hockey Player
  • "The HS Extreme Shooting Tarp is great at absorbing pucks. We enjoy how, in comparison to a traditional hard back stop surface, when pucks impact the tarp there is significantly less noise generated. It also helps ensure that pucks do not fly back at the shooter or instructor."

    -Kevin Connauton, Professional Hockey Player
  • barber

    "I love shooting on real nets and hearing the ping of the crossbar, but I absolutely hated collecting the pucks. The tarp system not only has great pockets to catch the pucks, but it also absorbs the pucks, so you can quickly collect them! Over time that is a lot more shots taken in your training sessions, and it makes collecting pucks less of a chore. These little things are everything when you think of the hours of training needed to get better. It's also a lot quieter which neighbours may appreciate!”

    - Pavel Barber, Stickhandling Specialist
  • "The HS Extreme Shooting Tarp is a phenomenal product! I was impressed at the high quality, and it allows me to work on my shots at home during the off-season. Their training aids are now an essential part of my off-ice training. Join the HS revolution, I did!”

    -Jordan Staal, Professional Hockey Player

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Customer Reviews

Average 99% (150 Reviews)

By Anonymous
on April 14, 2019

Excellent shooting tarp!!

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By Anonymous
on April 13, 2019

It looks great and it was easy to install.
My son loves spending time shooting pucks in the basement.
The pockets are great, as you really see you scored.

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By Stacy T
on April 10, 2019

Great product for shooting indoors.

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By Vaughn E
on April 2, 2019

Excellent. Would be nice if the bottom edge was weighted with a steel rod to keep square and stop pucks from easily passing underneath.

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By Guest
on March 29, 2019

The shooting tarp has been one of the best purchases we've made in a while. It is fun for the whole family and my son uses it almost everyday. It is very well constructed.

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By Mirka L
on March 19, 2019

This hockey tarp is great. We have it inside the house in our bonus room above garage and it works great. Only about 1foot clearance from a wall needed, tarp absorbs the force nicely.
Awesome product, great quality, lots of fun for the kids and adults !

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By Jeff C
on March 18, 2019

Exactly what my daughter and I needed to spend some quality time together ripping wristers! We set it up in our basement with some all star tiles to create a little training area. Works amazing.

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By Anonymous
on March 17, 2019

works perfect in the basement

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By Joshua L
on February 23, 2019

Awesome. Absorbs pucks, good hardware supplied easy install. We are shooting pucks in a finished basement. No damage yet !

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By Anonymous
on February 21, 2019

Perfect, thank you! Kids love it!!

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