With our hockey flooring tiles, any time is ice time. HockeyShot’s synthetic ice tiles are perfect for dryland training for players with limited access to an ice rink.

Our synthetic ice tiles let you build an ice-like surface in any room. You can practice shooting and passing with our non-skateable Dryland flooring tiles or use our Revolution tiles for skating and realistic gameplay.

With our Synthetic Ice Revolution hockey tiles, a full surface for skating can literally be assembled in minutes — and don’t forget the edge pieces, which make keeping pucks and balls in play even easier.

HockeyShot’s flooring surfaces are straightforward to put together and make it easy to practice your sniping, dangles, trick shots, and more.

HockeyShot is a leading seller of hockey training equipment in the US. Our hockey tiles provide a great basis for an at-home training centre where you can train at your own convenience.

We offer a range of flooring tiles to round out your hockey training experience:

Dryland Flooring Synthetic Ice

Dryland Flooring

Train and shoot pucks in the summer — or any time — with HockeyShot’s selection of dryland flooring tiles. Our selection of tiles is perfect if you are looking to dangle, pass, sauce and practice one-timers. These dryland non-skateable tiles are slick and provide a real ice feeling to help prepare you for when you are on the ice. HockeyShot’s dryland flooring tiles are a favourite of many professional players.

Synthetic Ice

Make residential and commercial at-home training practical, affordable, and realistic with HockeyShot’s synthetic ice flooring. Our synthetic ice flooring products bring a whole new meaning to home-ice advantage. Our synthetic ice has over two decades of development behind it to provide that realistic ice-feel for training and playing puck with friends.

HockeyShot’s synthetic ice products are used by professional players, teams and organizations, including the Montreal Canadiens and Florida Panthers. Try our synthetic ice yourself to see why it’s the #1 selling synthetic ice on the market.


Find accessories for your hockey flooring. We carry stopper edging, smooth edging, rebounding foam, and more to make playing puck on our tiles easier and more realistic.