HockeyShot has everything you need to improve your shooting skills at home. To score, you need to shoot, and our products will have you sniping bar-down in no time!

We offer a selection of exceptional shooting aids in the US to help you take your hockey skills to the next level. HockeyShot is your source for quality shooting products like Hockey Nets, Flooring Tiles, Shooting Tarps, Shooting Pads, Stick Weights, Targets, Radar Guns, and more!


HockeyShot is a leading provider of shooting products and other hockey training aids in the US. We carry shooting aids for hockey players of various ages and skill levels.

Whether you are looking to perfect your Slapshot or improve your Backhand, we have the right training tools for you. Our collection of shooting aids includes:

Shooting Pads Electronic Aids
Goals & Nets Pucks & Balls
Targets & Tarps Accessories

Shooting Pads

HockeyShot offers a selection of shooting pads and mats for practicing your shots at home. Our shooting pads simulate the slick feel of ice and are ideal for indoor and outdoor training. With our shooting pads, you can practice passing, shooting, and stickhandling without competing for ice time. Get the home advantage when you practice your shots at home.

Goals & Nets

Become the best sniper on and off the ice when you practice with HockeyShot’s goals and nets. We offer a selection of durable and resistant goals and nets in the US to meet players’ varying needs. With our strong and durable nets, the only thing you will need to worry about is chirping — you won’t have to worry about damages to anything but your competitor’s ego.

Pucks & Balls

Train with the right hockey pucks and balls to prepare yourself for your next big game. HockeyShot offers a wide variety of biscuits to use in your backyard or local arena so that you can get the right feel for how the biscuit will play on-ice.

Targets & Tarps

HockeyShot carries shooting targets, tarps, and shooter tutors to help you improve your shot accuracy while also protecting your home and surroundings. Avoid holes in your garage, drywall, and windows with our strong hockey tarps.


HockeyShot offers the best shooting accessories to help you enhance your shooting training and take your hockey shots to the next level. Customize your shooting training with any of our accessories.