Meet The Coaches

Just when you thought you had taken advantage of all HockeyShot has to offer, we have stepped up our game (and soon to be your game) to bring you an ELITE GROUP of coaches and trainers. These leaders are PASSIONATE ABOUT THE GAME and each one of them provides a unique take on the game. Take a moment and familiarize yourself with each member, they might be the crutch you need to transform your skills and start playing at the next level!

Familiarize yourself with HockeyShot’s ELITE group of coaches and trainers. They might be what you need to transform your skills!

  • Jeremy Rupke

    Coach Jeremy

    Bench Boss

    For many of you who already follow along with his hockey shenanigans, Jeremy Rupke hardly needs an introduction! Jeremy’s love for the game and enthusiasm comes across in all that he does, and he is sure to give you a good laugh... Read More

  • Pavel Barber – Stickhandling Specialist

    Pavel Barber

    Stickhandling Specialist

    Meet Pavel Barber, HockeyShot's newest recruit! He is our "Stickhandling Specialist" although some of us wanted to call him our "Dangle Doctor", this coach wouldn't let that fly. ... Read More

  • dan ninkovich

    Dan Ninkovich

    Professional Instructor

    If you’re looking for the whole package, Dan Ninkovich is your guy! Dan’s impressive training list is long and includes some of your favorite NHL’ers: Connor McDavid, Phil Kessel, Jason Spezza, Matt Duchene and many more... Read More

  • doug boulanger

    Doug Boulanger

    All Ice Skills

    Doug represents the next generation of skills training. He is creative, forward-thinking and has sound knowledge in all areas of the game. This is obvious when one looks at his rapid ascension... Read More

  • Jim Vitale

    Jim Vitale

    Skating Sensei

    Jim Vitale has been skating his entire life (literally dreaming of edgework drills after his parents tucked him in at night). With an impressive hockey career as both a player and coach, it was a no brainer for HockeyShot to bring him on board... Read More

  • Jeremy Weiss

    Jeremy Weiss

    Hockey Dad

    We all know that one dad in the crowd that offers their encouragement and love for the game to every player. The gentleman who always shares funny, yet horrible jokes... Read More

  • ted suihkonen

    Ted Suihkonen

    Camp Counsellor

    Notorious for professional development and advising in power skating, skills, and positioning Ted Suikhonen takes our spot for Camp Counsellor. He has been specifically trained to provide solid advice to not only his academy guests..... Read More

  • John Haime

    John Haime

    Mental & Emotional Coach

    If you’re an avid athlete then you can already appreciate the importance of visualization. You know when your coach says, “don’t let them get in your head” that this is an essential part of your performance.... Read More